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Boundaries, limits, and limitations. We have them placed on us everywhere it seems. NOT here. NOT with Kelli Mason – The Limitless Hairdresser!! I called Kelli and said, “I’d love to write a blog post for you. You know I love your vibe!” I was so pumped when she accepted. 

I met Kelli as a client of Cool Beauty Consulting! She had become interested in our brands and attended our business education classes. We have a strong focus on Salon Leadership, Salon Ownership, Management Systems and Practices, Apprentice Programs, etc. They all revolve around the successes of NOVA Salons in Louisville, KY (of which I’ve worked for the past 16 years). I immediately noticed her in class. The kind of girl who takes notes, pays attention, asks relevant questions, and dares to add in!! The best type of student. I feel we hit it off immediately. She was excited to implement the information she was learning. 

Not long after I get a call from Kelli. She was making changes in the trajectory of her career, and she wanted to chat with me about it. She was so clear and concise about her plan. It was different than the mold. It was daring. It was a vulnerable conversation.  It was unlike the conversations I usually have with salon owners. Usually we talk about the staff, how to inspire them, how to reach the resistors, how to implement a new system, or deal with a revolting client. This was unique. She told me how she had been soul searching and she found her path leading elsewhere in the industry. IT WAS SUCH A BREATH OF FRESH AIR!! She wasn’t afraid to change. She had no limits, no boundaries for herself. 

I wish this type of clarity for everyone. 

In high school I was offered a lot of advice about being a hairdresser. I did not accept this advice. (see video) I was basically told that hairdressing was for dumb girls, and that I could do better. I was told that my future would be limited without a college degree. I have made more money that the teachers and counselors that gave me this advice for 13 years. That’s right – it only took me three years as a hairdresser to out-earn the bad advice givers!! 

So, who are we supposed to listen to? How can we uncage ourselves from the false boundaries that are set? 

Here are 10 things you can do to remove limitations! 

  1. Surround yourself with limitless people (Kelli is a great example). People that dare to dream bigger (dream different). People that celebrate your success!!

  2. Empower others. It all begins with YOU!! Spread your love and knowledge as far and wide as possible. When you empower others, you are empowered by default. 

  3. In your career: align yourself with brands and companies that share your values. These companies expand your reach through their own. Of course, I’d recommend Kelli Mason, The Limitless Hairdresser, and Cool Beauty Consulting! 

  4. At home: share your vision. Share your career dreams. They are not yours alone. You will need support!! 

  5. Make Plans!! Freedom takes work! Loving your career takes work!! 

  6. MORE RESEARCH – I find this is often the missing link. Try to learn what you don’t know that you don’t know. (Good luck figuring out that sentence. LOL) Ask more questions, seek mentors. 

  7. Just go ahead and jump face first into a few things!! (opposite of number 6) LOL. Sometimes you just need to dive it!! Life is meant to be lived. This is how I ended up with 4 kids in three years, but that is another story for another time. 

  8. Read more. Read a few kids books – they tend to be more empowering than adult books. Take the same advice you would give your children. 

  9. Make a list every morning of the things you are grateful for. Do this for a month straight. You’ll be thrilled with your outlook of your day!! 

  10. Be accountable. Find a friend to help you. It’s not okay to live in a cage. You were built to be free. You were built to soar!! 

  11. Bonus number 11!! Work harder than everyone else. It’s served me well : )

I’m proud of you. Here’s why. I know that right now you are thinking of something new for yourself. I know that right now you are (at the same time) talking yourself in and out of it. I know that you will do it anyway. Because you are strong, powerful, and capable. Being afraid is awesome. Being afraid means that you are removing limits. Being afraid means you are removing boundaries. You are limitless, and I am proud!


About the Author:

Paula Henson: hairdresser, Co-owner of Cool Beauty Consulting, constant learner, mom of four, vigilant soldier fighting for the advancement of the hairdressing industry.

If you want to know something about me, know this: I want you to charge more, know your worth, preach it from the rooftops, and collect an army of like-minded individuals to aid your cause. The world is truly ours for the taking. I believe good always triumphs, and that you are capable of far more than you are currently achieving. Try harder, I’m there with you!

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