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Download the free Limitless Light manual today and uncover the unique gifts that will empower and propel you into your purpose.

If you want to stand out from the beauty industry crowd without changing who you are, you have to go inward to find your secret sauce. And no worries, you don’t have to do this alone! I’m here to help guide you along the way!



Shine your light and own your superpower!

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You are working hard at building your business and finding your voice.



You think you’re on the right track then...



You’re in the daily Insta scroll, see your fellow educators and artists doing “all the things”, when suddenly your bubble bursts and you feel 100 steps behind.  

Your judgy inner voice chimes in and wants you to feel small…

”You are so far behind.  Look at all they are doing.  You aren’t doing enough. ”

Or even worse judgy voice deflects on to others...

“Who do they think they are?  They are just doing that for attention.”  


How in the world are you going to build your dream salon business, attract the beauty industry brands you want to work with, and reach your personal goals when you’re feelin’ like a super SMALL version of you??


Yikes...even if we want to deny it because it sounds icky, I knowwwww it can pop up from time to time if we aren’t in our power because it’s happened to me too.

That’s why I created this simple manual to help you discover your personal superpower. I’ll also show you how to use this power to attract what you want, to become a magnet for gathering your tribe, and to feel like the most empowered version of yourself so you can build a business and life you love!!